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29 November 2016 | Latest News
new safeguards announced for payments

Payments made in error because of fat fingers could be ended when changes come into effect.

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fscs protection to increase to £85,000

Why the Bank of England have increased the guaranteed compensation limit should our bank go bust.

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inflation set to rise by being linked to housing costs

Yet the new measure raises hope that benefits and housing costs may increase in the long term.

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Market Research
how ethical is your bank?

Have you ever wondered just how ethical your bank really is? Take a closer look.

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is telephone banking safe?

How safe is giving away banking details over the phone... to your bank?

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how do i transfer a child trust fund to a junior isa?

Don't let your kid's Child Trust Fund zombify; from April you can transfer it into a Junior ISA.

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can premium bonds beat low interest for savers?

Brits love premium bonds, but are they being fooled into investing their money in false hope?

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