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All you need to know about money and your consumer rights...

High interest current accounts

Which current accounts pay interest, and how much do they pay? We look at the most rewarding.

What is the best energy deal for me?

Looking for the best energy deal for your household? Here's our guide to the things to consider.

The best credit card rewards

The Choose guide to reward credit cards, covering the best deals and how much points are worth.

Credit check free trials: which one's best?

There are four firms offering you access to your credit report and score: which one is best?

Is peer to peer lending worth the risk?
How does the Personal Savings Allowance work?
Can I get a credit card if I'm bankrupt or still repaying debt?
What help can I get paying fuel bills this winter?
Overpaying your mortgage: your rights

Making overpayments on you mortgage doesn't always make the most financial sense.

Not married? Know your money rights

Unmarried couples should be wary over letting their finances intermingle without clear boundaries.

Section 75: are you covered?

Are you covered under Section 75 of the consumer credit act 1974? We investigate.

Latest guides to money and consumer rights

Not just equity: how to make extra money out of your home
How easy is it to earn extra money with the sharing economy?
What benefits can I get with a current account?

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Frequently asked questions

Is my house at risk because of debt?
Are fixed energy plans a good idea?
Is travel insurance on a bank account adequate cover?

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Latest news and updates in personal finance

17 February 2017 (last updated)
Product Updates
Barclays launch cashback mortgage for stamp duty
13 February 2017 (last updated)
Money News
Pensioners now earn more than working families
20 February 2017 (last updated)
Housing price gap reveals UK's bias towards London
10 February 2017 (last updated)
Product Updates
British Gas freeze prices while Scottish Power raise theirs
8 February 2017 (last updated)
Money News
Government attempts to fix housing system by speeding it up
16 February 2017 (last updated)
A third of UK lives on unacceptable income despite wage growth

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