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29 November 2016 | Latest News
new safeguards announced for payments

Payments made in error because of fat fingers could be ended when changes come into effect.

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banks announce double-edged simplifying of branch closures

While more info may help customers, poor data prevents us from knowing how much they'll be helped.

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tesco bank suspends all current accounts after cyber theft

Despite Tesco Bank's assurance to repay everything, there are numerous steps customers can take to make sure they're not badly affected by the breach.

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Market Research
how ethical is your bank?

Have you ever wondered just how ethical your bank really is? Take a closer look.

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fraud: how likely is it?

Fraud is getting ever more likely but it's difficult to know what, exactly, we should be looking out for.

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what does travel accident insurance cover?

Travel accident insurance, especially when it's free, often covers very little. We take a closer look at these policies.

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what happens if my cash goes astray?

Online money transfers can, and do, go wrong. Find out what to do when you've made a payment that hasn't arrived.

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