World Mastercard: Stealth wealth falls out of favour - again

world mastercard

THE World Mastercard was initially released in the UK in early 2008 but withdrawn soon afterwards. See if you can guess why.

A premium credit card aimed globally at those with higher incomes, the card's press release read: "The New Face of British Prosperity - Bling is Dead, Stealth Wealth Is In".

Ok, so it's not exactly "Greed is Good" but it hardly captured the national mood and, despite most of the British versions of the World Mastercard actually being fairly well suited to middle income users, it was quietly killed.

A short revival

In the few years up to 2014 the brand had a brief revival, with three British providers taking the lead. But by late 2014, two had stopped offering them to new customers, leaving just one World Mastercard available in the UK:

  1. Santander 123 credit card : this leading cash back credit card only reveals its "World" status in the card terms and conditions, and discreetly under the Mastercard logo on the card.

Class of 2014...

  1. The Capital One Aspire Elite Mastercard : another "secret" World card, confirmed in the small print on their website. The card offered cash back for those with a perfect record. The first version of the card was discontinued in early 2013, to be replaced by a new version that summer - which itself was withdrawn in late 2014. For a while Capital One's website continued to list numerous benefits for existing account holders - but by the end of 2015 even these had vanished.
  2. Ulster Bank World Mastercard : this card offered a short 0% purchases period and some limited purchase protection, but was only available as an upgrade for existing Ulster Bank credit cardholders. From September 2014, even existing customers lost the "lifestyle and insurance benefits" of the card.

Previous World Mastercard deals

More providers used to offer the World card. Among those offering it at one point or another were the following:

Less than worldly rewards

When the World credit card was first launched Mastercard claimed that their research had highlighted a group of Britons who weren't impressed by "well publicised spending habits" and instead wanted a more "considered, discreet and conscience driven lifestyle".

The World card, they said, offered, "more than just status".

Apparently these upstanding spenders were itching for single trip travel insurance and worldwide assistance from Mastercard and customised rewards from their card providers.

Today the customised rewards remain - mainly in the form of Santander's famous 123 cash back (more details here) - but the "World" title has always seemed a bit of a misnomer: there's no special travel support from Mastercard.

In fact, the World card site - not updated since the original launch in 2008 - mentions no particular support or rewards at all. Instead it keeps things vague with talk of perks "which may include specialised travel benefits, personal security features or other valuable benefits" (emphasis ours).

World customers can benefit from Mastercard Global Services in an emergency, but that's available for all Mastercard holders.

Additional reward schemes on offer

So, if not travel rewards, what did World Mastercards offer?

Both Capital One and Santander offer cash back deals.

The Santander 123 credit card offers up to £9 cash back each month, made up from the following:

But Capital One, once known for offering a range of cash back and rewards cards, decided to pre-empt the introduction of the cap on interchange fees - more here - by significantly cutting, or even stopping, their cash back schemes.

Aspire Elite cardholders weren't excluded.

Where they could once earn up to 2% via a tiered spending scheme, since June 2015 they've earned a maximum of 0.25%.

Although the cash back pretty much vanished, they did still offer an extended warranty service, purchase protection, and "price protection", which offered to refund the difference on goods costing more than £50 if they were found at least £50 cheaper elsewhere.

Finally, possibly the most "World" part of the Aspire Elite offer was the "concierge service" - basically an open-all-hours helpline for people wanting to book flights, rent cars, find gifts in a hurry, and book tickets or golf courses.

Who can get a World Mastercard?

All World Mastercards had different application criteria, but as they were supposedly premium products, people could expect to need excellent credit ratings to apply successfully.

For example, Capital One Aspire insisted on a "perfect" credit rating.

That said, Santander's eligibility details state that applicants must be UK residents aged over 18 - and that's it. It is, however, the more attractive of the bank's two credit cards, and we could expect the credit and status check to be somewhat more stringent as a result.

The World Mastercard is the credit card company's attempt to further establish itself among affluent consumers but, in the UK at least, that was watered down considerably.

The longest lasting of the resulting cards is a solid, attractive - and yes, rewarding - deal for middle earners with good credit ratings, although the rewards are more mundane - and much smaller - than perhaps the World brand first promised.


19 August 2014

I have a Santander 123 credit card and I was a bit curious about what the Mastercard World was about. I passed the Strand branch of Santander which said ask about the 123 World, so I Googled that rather than alight from the bus!

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