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25 October 2016 | Latest News
bt introduce family sim plans

Customers will be able to add up to four extra SIMs to their account, each at a greater discount.

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three uk and talktalk ask ofcom to impose spectrum cap

There's little chance that Ofcom will impose the cap, which is being called for by EE's rivals.

android customers asked to help fight not-spots

So long as it doesn't deter users with its data collection, the app may hold operators to account.

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what is net neutrality?

We look into net neutrality in this guide: what is it and do we have any hope of achieving it?

broadband for all

Every premise in the UK should be able to receive broadband, according to the Government. Is it a helpful target?

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are external mobile broadband modems any good?

The networks are pushing external mobile broadband modems, sometimes known as MiFi. But are they worthwhile?

how do i use my mobile phone as a modem?

Does your network allow tethering? And, if so, how can you do it? We take a look.