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9 December 2016 | Latest News
bt and huawei partner on research into 5g tech

Yet the commercial benefits of the new partnership may not emerge for years.

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poll finds 60% of brits have landline only for broadband

Yet the copper-based Openreach network needs landline to connect to the homes of customers.

virgin mobile launch 4g sims

Virgin Mobile launch 4G service with a range of SIMs and free use of two instant messenger apps.

Market Research
what is net neutrality?

We look into net neutrality in this guide: what is it and do we have any hope of achieving it?

broadband for all

Every premise in the UK should be able to receive broadband, according to the Government. Is it a helpful target?

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how effective is parental control software?

We asked Will Gardner of Childnet how effective parental control software really is for ensuring child safety online.

Consumer Rights
mobile phone security: how safe is your phone?

Learn how to stay safe using a mobile phone with this in-depth guide covering privacy and theft, malware and scams, parental controls and protection for kids.

are external mobile broadband modems any good?

The networks are pushing external mobile broadband modems, sometimes known as MiFi. But are they worthwhile?

how do i use my mobile phone as a modem?

Does your network allow tethering? And, if so, how can you do it? We take a look.