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Check availability and compare TV deals with Sky Movies using the table below.

TV deals including Sky Movies are available from Sky, Virgin Media, BT and TalkTalk. Compare which Sky Movies channels each offers, check whether they're available in HD, and look at the other channels on offer.

To find the best Sky Movies TV deal for you, search by digital TV provider, channel count or package price.

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Sky Complete bundle (Sky Sports + Sky Cinema in HD)
Free Sky+HD box
Price details
£100 reward
Hurry! Offer ends 3 November 2016: Reward Choice: Free 32" Samsung TV, Samsung Galaxy E Tab or £100 Tesco, M&S or Amazon voucher
Sky Original + Sky Movies
Free Sky+HD box
Price details
£100 reward
Hurry! Offer ends 3 November 2016: Reward Choice: Free 32" Samsung TV, Samsung Galaxy E Tab or £100 Tesco, M&S or Amazon voucher
Sky Variety + Sky Movies
Free Sky+HD box
Price details
£100 reward
Hurry! Offer ends 3 November 2016: Reward Choice: Free 32" Samsung TV, Samsung Galaxy E Tab or £100 Tesco, M&S or Amazon voucher
Sky Box Sets + Sky Movies
Free Sky+HD box
Price details
£100 reward
Hurry! Offer ends 3 November 2016: Reward Choice: Free 32" Samsung TV, Samsung Galaxy E Tab or £100 Tesco, M&S or Amazon voucher
BT TV Total Entertainment + Sky Movies (BT Infinity customers only)
YouView+ box 1TB
Price details
BT TV Starter + Sky Movies (BT broadband customers only)
Mini YouView box
Price details
BT TV Entertainment Plus + Sky Movies (BT Infinity customers only)
YouView+ box
Price details
Virgin Media Mix TV + Sky Movies
Tivo 500GB box
Price details
Virgin Media Fun TV + Sky Movies
Tivo 500GB box
Price details
Virgin Media Full House TV + Sky Movies
Tivo 500GB box
Price details
Includes BT Sport & ESPN free

Finding the best TV deal with Sky Movies

Can I get Sky Movies without Sky TV?

The good news is that Sky Movies is available in one form or another from most pay TV providers – and sometimes at a lower price than taking the channel pack from Sky themselves. All the providers listed above sell packs including the full line-up, but it's also possible to get just the on demand service, or a selection of the channels, again for a lower than standard price.

But be aware that some of the other providers charge the same amount for just the on demand service as they do for all the available channels, depending on whether we're getting the service over standard broadband or a fibre connection.

Is getting Sky Movies worth it?

Put bluntly, anyone who wants to see the newest Hollywood films as soon as possible after they've come off general cinematic release has one option: sign up to Sky Movies. Sky have exclusive or first-run deals in place with several of the big studios, including Disney – which means they're the first place to see not only traditional Disney films, but those made by Pixar, Marvel, and Lucasfilm – the force behind the Star Wars movies.

Beyond the new releases, there are 11 live channels and about 1,000 movies available through the on demand service. It's likely, then, that most film fans will be able to find something to watch on a fairly regular basis. Fans of particular genres of film should find themselves well catered for by one of the six dedicated channels: Sky Movies Comedy, Drama and Romance, Crime and Thriller, Action and Adventure, Sci Fi and Horror, and Select (previously titled Sky Movies Indie, and the home of Sky's independent cinema collection).

Where can I get Sky Movies cheapest?

How cheaply we can get Sky Movies depends on how many of the channels we want, as well as which provider we're looking at. The simplest way to compare prices is to look at how much the providers are offering for the full 11 channel line-up, which is what we list in the comparison table above.

Fans of specific genres of film might be able to reduce costs by looking for a deal offering just the channels they'd be most interested in; some providers offer a couple of different selections including the "genre channels" – Action and Adventure, Comedy, Crime and Thriller, Drama and Romance, and Sci Fi and Horror. It's worth being aware, though, that these selections often don't include the biggest three channels, Sky Movies Premiere, Sky Movies Disney, and Sky Movies Showcase. There's more on who offers what in our full guide here.

If getting all the channels is an absolute necessity, there are ways to make it cost less. Think about which, if any, other channels or services are must-haves, and look for the best value packages based on those, then add in Sky Movies. Bear in mind too that introductory offers and special deals can also help make getting the channels we want more affordable.

Is Sky Movies better than Netflix?

Some people will be wondering whether to subscribe to Sky Movies or to Netflix, and wondering which is better. The answer is that it depends entirely on what we want to watch. Sky Movies gives unrivalled access to the newest, and arguably the widest range of, films available to people watching through their TVs. Netflix does have a reasonable number of blockbuster films in its catalogue, but they're a good few years old – and most Netflix subscribers will wax lyrical about the TV shows available rather than the odd film they've found in the archive.

Can I get Sky Movies in HD?

While all the providers listed above offer the full range of channels, only a couple – Sky and Virgin Media – also offer their customers the chance to watch Sky Movies in HD – and it will come at an extra cost. Virgin Media customers can add the special HD pack to their Sky Movies subscription whichever TV bundle they have, but Sky customers must have the Family Bundle if they want to get the HD versions of Sky Movies.

That said, those who also want Sky Sports in HD could find the special pack is worth it, as adding the HD bundle costs the same whether customers subscribe to just one or both of the premium channel packs.

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