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How to compare BT, Sky and Virgin TV

How to get the best deals when you're paying for TV.

Sky or Virgin Media: which is better?

How do you choose between these two home media giants? We took a look.

Budget broadband battle: TalkTalk vs Plusnet

Neither is cheapest any more, but what do the most widely available budget ISPs offer?

How good is Vodafone as a mobile network?

Good network reliability, but their customer service has been shaky lately - are Vodafone worth it?

What can stop nuisance phone calls?
Can I unlock my phone?
Why do mobile phone speakers sound so bad?
Who's best for fibre broadband?
What are the best mid-range smartphones?

Looking for a good value mid-range mobile phone? We look at five of the best for under £400.

What are the best budget smartphones?

Don't expect superfast processors or amazing cameras, but you may be surprised by what's available.

Why would I want 1Gb broadband?

There are real advantages to being able to get up to 1Gb broadband - and speed is only one factor.

Latest news and updates in personal finance

BT release new home wi-fi signal booster

The system costs £299.99 while similarly effective extenders are less than half as costly.

BT announce broadband and landline price rises

BT explain that the rises are needed to fund improvements, yet it's not clear which improvements.

EE fined £2.7 million for overcharging customers

EE affirm that they've put measures in place to stop the same thing from happening again.

Will automatic compensation bring Openreach up to speed?

There's a worry that automatic compensation may result in higher prices for customers.

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