Money frequently asked questions

14 September 2015 (last updated)
How does Help To Buy work?
25 August 2015 (last updated)
Can I get a credit card if I'm bankrupt or still repaying debt?
20 August 2015 (last updated)
What help can I get paying fuel bills this winter?
17 July 2015 (last updated)
What happens if my debt management company closes?
26 May 2015 (last updated)
I can't cancel a recurring payment - what do I do?
3 April 2015 (last updated)
Can I repay my loan early?
24 March 2015 (last updated)
Which credit cards or bank accounts offer extended warranties?
16 January 2015 (last updated)
Pension changes - what do they mean?
22 December 2014 (last updated)
Should I stick with a workplace pension?
18 December 2014 (last updated)
What is a County Court Judgment?
18 December 2014 (last updated)
What should I do if I can't pay all my bills?
23 October 2014 (last updated)
What are smart meters?
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