Money frequently asked questions

3 April 2015 (last updated)
Can I repay my loan early?
24 March 2015 (last updated)
Which credit cards or bank accounts offer extended warranties?
16 January 2015 (last updated)
Pension changes - what do they mean?
22 December 2014 (last updated)
Should I stick with a workplace pension?
18 December 2014 (last updated)
What is a County Court Judgment?
18 December 2014 (last updated)
What should I do if I can't pay all my bills?
23 October 2014 (last updated)
What are smart meters?
29 July 2014 (last updated)
Can I get a holiday refund from ATOL?
29 July 2014 (last updated)
Gold, platinum or purple: what's the difference?
29 July 2014 (last updated)
Which credit cards charge dormancy fees?
18 July 2014 (last updated)
Why was my credit card application rejected?
17 July 2014 (last updated)
Right to reject credit card interest rate increases
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