Money frequently asked questions

23 February 2017 (last updated)
What is a banker's draft?
22 February 2017 (last updated)
Damaged or counterfeit money: What to do
17 February 2017 (last updated)
Is my house at risk because of debt?
16 February 2017 (last updated)
Are fixed energy plans a good idea?
7 February 2017 (last updated)
Is travel insurance on a bank account adequate cover?
6 February 2017 (last updated)
Credit rating damage that's not my fault - what now?
3 February 2017 (last updated)
Is banking complaints data useful?
11 January 2017 (last updated)
Could I save money with an Economy 7 energy tariff?
28 November 2016 (last updated)
Can I switch from a prepay energy meter?
11 November 2016 (last updated)
What does travel accident insurance cover?
21 October 2016 (last updated)
How long will it take to get my credit card?
12 October 2016 (last updated)
Are solar panels still worth the price?
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