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5 October 2016 | Latest News
santander withdraw 123 credit card

The bank have replaced the popular cash back credit card with two rather less generous cards.

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barclaycard launch fee-free travel credit card

The Barclaycard Platinum travel card launches, offering fee-free use abroad until August 31st 2018.

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tsb offer credit card cash back

TSB offer Classic Plus customers the chance to earn up to £60 a year cash back on certain credit cards.

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Market Research
fraud: how likely is it?

Fraud is getting ever more likely but it's difficult to know what, exactly, we should be looking out for.

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the politics of credit cards

We take a look at how politicians really feel about credit card borrowing and how they plan to help consumers.

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Find what you need to know about credit cards

how long will it take to get my credit card?

Credit card applications can take from five to 10 working days to be completed, but some factors can speed up applications.

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how a prepaid card could boost your credit rating

The CashPlus Credit Builder schemes claims to offer the chance to rebuild a damaged rating without a credit check. We take a look.

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