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16 February 2017 | Latest News
ee come top of network performance rankings again

Yet according to Ofcom, EE don't come on top for customer satisfaction.

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bt offer new phone and broadband deals as stock slips

New SIM-only deal provides 6GB of data and unlimited calls and texts.

is eu one step closer to 'free' roaming after wholesale cap?

The wholesale price cap may not be high enough for some operators to recoup their roaming costs.

Provider Reviews
mobile network review: are o2 any good?

What's behind O2's high customer satisfaction scores? We take a look at their coverage and deals.

is ee any good as a mobile provider?

EE are the UK's biggest single mobile network - but how good are their deals and customer service?

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mobile phone insurance: are you already covered?

Before you buy a new policy, be sure to check you don't already have cover with your home insurance or bank.

Consumer Rights
mobile phone security: how safe is your phone?

Learn how to stay safe using a mobile phone with this in-depth guide covering privacy and theft, malware and scams, parental controls and protection for kids.

has tethering replaced the dongle?

Tethering means just one data plan and no extra devices to carry around. Is this the end for mobile broadband through USB stick?

can i unlock my phone?

Unlocking a mobile phone can save, or make, users a lot of money. We look at how to do it.