Media frequently asked questions

15 July 2014 (last updated)
Online harassment: could broadband providers help?
3 April 2014 (last updated)
Why can't I just pay for the channels I want?
6 March 2014 (last updated)
Can bad weather affect satellite TV and broadband?
23 October 2013 (last updated)
What causes broadband connection problems?
19 August 2013 (last updated)
Why does technical support take so long?
5 August 2013 (last updated)
Why do ads follow me around the web?
26 June 2013 (last updated)
Are you on an 'Exchange Only' line?
23 June 2013 (last updated)
Which sites does my ISP block?
5 May 2013 (last updated)
Should your mobile network stop you spending?
20 April 2013 (last updated)
Are you entitled to lower prices for poor speeds?
10 February 2013 (last updated)
Is Blockbuster online any good?
23 January 2013 (last updated)
Has tethering replaced the dongle?
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