Media frequently asked questions

9 August 2016 (last updated)
How much broadband usage do I really need?
18 July 2016 (last updated)
Could Virgin Media expand to my area?
27 May 2016 (last updated)
How much does it cost to cancel my broadband?
24 March 2016 (last updated)
Which ISP has the best customer service?
21 July 2015 (last updated)
What does it cost to reconnect to BT?
2 July 2015 (last updated)
How much does it cost to call 0870 and 0845 numbers?
5 March 2015 (last updated)
How much does caller display cost?
26 February 2015 (last updated)
What can stop nuisance phone calls?
30 July 2014 (last updated)
Are external mobile broadband modems any good?
17 July 2014 (last updated)
How do I use my mobile phone as a modem?
16 July 2014 (last updated)
How to improve your broadband speeds
16 July 2014 (last updated)
What happens to my email address when I switch provider?
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