Media frequently asked questions

14 February 2017 (last updated)
Is Virgin Media's Tivo any good?
1 February 2017 (last updated)
Has tethering replaced the dongle?
31 January 2017 (last updated)
How to protect your wireless router
17 January 2017 (last updated)
What can stop nuisance phone calls?
6 December 2016 (last updated)
Can I unlock my phone?
1 December 2016 (last updated)
Why do mobile phone speakers sound so bad?
15 November 2016 (last updated)
Who's best for fibre broadband?
31 October 2016 (last updated)
Broadband on benefits: how BT Basic can help
31 October 2016 (last updated)
Can I get a home phone without a credit check?
31 October 2016 (last updated)
When am I a new customer?
27 October 2016 (last updated)
Is Virgin available in my area?
12 October 2016 (last updated)
Can you get cheap line rental and broadband separately?
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