Is Plusnet broadband any good?

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PLUSNET sell themselves as customer service superheroes with super low prices.

Our Rating

Value for money:

Customer service:

4.5 out of 5

Do those claims stack up? We've taken an in-depth look at the BT owned provider to find out.

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The UK's cheapest broadband?

Plusnet gained and proudly wore the "UK's cheapest broadband" crown on the strength of their old Essentials package, which had a 10GB download limit.

But with most providers moving towards unlimited data, Plusnet withdrew Essentials in June 2014.

In a bid to keep the crown, however, they occasionally run a variation of their basic Unlimited deal, which offers the same up to 17Mb broadband, but at much reduced cost or even free for 12 months.

The difference is that instead of the more usual 12 month contract, users are tied in for a minimum of 18 months - more normally associated with fibre broadband contracts.

Plusnet prices

When that offer isn't running, they still run some good introductory deals:

What's on offer? When you join online for:
plusnet ONLINE EXCLUSIVE: Free Unlimited broadband 12 months (usually £9.99) + £50 cashback
Hurry! Offer ends tomorrow!
31 May 2016
Plusnet Unlimited broadband and phone (£16.99 line rental applies)
plusnet Unlimited Fibre up to 38Mb £5 a month for the first 6 months (then £14.99)Plusnet Unlimited Fibre up to 38Mb and phone (£16.99 line rental applies)
plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra up to 76Mb £10 for the first 6 months (then £19.99)Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra up to 76Mb and phone (£16.99 line rental applies)

And in the meantime, here are the main Plusnet deals:

Package Broadband Monthly price Line rental
plusnet Unlimited + Line Only Up to 17Mb
for 12 mths,
then £9.99
plusnet Unlimited Fibre + Line Only Up to 38Mb
for 6 mths,
then £14.99
plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra + Line Only Up to 76Mb
for 6 mths,
then £19.99

Note the cost of the line rental.

Plusnet are usually about a year behind the other big ISPs in terms of price: look at what BT were charging this time last year, and that'll be roughly what Plusnet customers will be paying now. All the same, there are cheaper options.

We look more closely at Plusnet's home phone service below.

Having said that, unlike other ISPs Plusnet do allow customers to take their broadband without having to take their phone service.

Note the difference in price when the phone line is removed from the equation:

Package Speed Usage Monthly price
plusnet Unlimited Up to 17Mb Unlimited £12.49
plusnet Unlimited Fibre Up to 38Mb Unlimited £17.49
plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra Up to 76Mb Unlimited £22.49

In this case, the 17Mb broadband is only ever offered on a 12-month contract, with the 18-month commitment being reserved for fibre customers.

But we still haven't answered the question: are Plusnet still among the cheapest in the UK?

Well, here's how they compare to their biggest standard broadband rivals:

Package Monthly price Line rental Total monthly
Plusnet Unlimited + Line Only Free
for 12 mths,
then £9.99
£16.99 £16.99
for 12 mths,
then £26.98
BT Unlimited Broadband + Weekend calls £7.50
for 12 mths,
then £18
£17.99 £25.49
for 12 mths,
then £35.99
Sky Broadband Unlimited + Talk Free
for 12 mths,
then £10
£17.40 £17.40
for 12 mths,
then £27.40
TalkTalk SimplyBroadband Free
for 18 mths,
then £9.50
£17.70 £17.70
for 18 mths,
then £27.20

They might not always be the cheapest, but Plusnet are still very low cost.

Plusnet home phone (if you want it)

As shown above, Plusnet's cheapest prices come when customers take their line rental and home phone service. Without Plusnet home phone, factor in an increase of £2.50 a month and a £25 setup fee.

That's enough to potentially undo any savings gained by opting for a provider with cheaper line rental. But even if that weren't incentive enough, Plusnet's home phone service is generally good value.

There are a couple of call plans available.

It used to be the case that anyone who took a Plusnet phone line would automatically get weekend calls, but like TalkTalk, and now Sky, Plusnet have removed the inclusive call element of their basic phone package.

Even fibre customers have to pay more to get any kind of inclusive calls.

Customers can upgrade to inclusive Evening and Weekend calls for £3 a month,inclusive Anytime calls for £6 extra a month, or inclusive Anytime with 300 international minutes for £7.50 a month.

For more details on how prices change with Evening + Weekend, Anytime or International call plans - or Plusnet's 30 day contracts - search Plusnet's deals here.

Calls outside inclusive time are charged at rates broadly comparable with BT's, though 0845 and 0870 numbers count as UK landlines within inclusive periods, which is a nice extra.

All packages also offer basic voicemail free of charge, and free anytime calls to other Plusnet phone customers.

Extra features - like caller ID and a more advanced voicemail service - cost from 99p to £4, although most are around £2.50.

Voicemail Plus Caller Display Anonymous call reject Reminder Call, Call waiting, Call divert, Ringback
£3.00 99p £4.00 £2.50

Worth noting is that Plusnet allow customers to bundle Caller ID and the options that cost £2.50. Taking two will cost £3.00 extra a month, and each extra service will add £1.50 to the total bundle price, up to £7.50 for all five.

Plusnet have announced their past few price rises in the summer, with the new charges coming into effect in September. This puts them ahead of the bulk of ISPs, and can make them look a little less competitive for a short while.

But as they're a little cheaper than the Big Four to begin with, they usually regain their edge within a few months - as happened in 2014 when a rash of rivals announced their price rises just in time for Christmas.

It used to be the case that canny customers could benefit even further from Plusnet's upfront line rental deal which brings down the equivalent monthly cost of line rental. Up until very recently it cost £155.88 a year, equivalent to £12.99 a month.

Now, however, it costs £185.88 a year, or £15.49 a month - less than TalkTalk's upfront line rental, but only by £6 over the year.

Fibre prices

Plusnet are among the cheapest available when it comes to fibre services.

It's often a fight between TalkTalk and Plusnet as to which of them is cheaper, but Virgin Media (who we look at in more detail here) aren't that much more expensive, while BT's 38Mb fibre costs more than Virgin's cheapest - faster - option.

Broadband Monthly price Line rental Total monthly
talktalk Up to 38Mb
for 18 mths,
then £19.50
£17.70 £22.70
for 18 mths,
then £37.20
plusnet Up to 38Mb
for 6 mths,
then £14.99
£16.99 £21.99
for 6 mths,
then £31.98
virgin media Up to 50Mb
for 12 mths,
then £19
£17.99 £25.99
for 12 mths,
then £36.99
virgin media Up to 100Mb
for 12 mths,
then £24
£17.99 £30.99
for 12 mths,
then £41.99
bt Up to 52Mb
for 12 mths,
then £23
£17.99 £30.49
for 12 mths,
then £40.99

Geographical pricing

Finally, note that, historically, Plusnet kept prices low by only passing the biggest discounts on to those in market B exchanges - which are the most competitive areas and the cheapest to supply.

In July 2012 though, they extended their cheapest offerings to those in what were then market 2 exchanges.

Since then, Markets 2 and 3 have been reclassified as Market B, and Market 1 exchanges are now known as Market A exchanges - and as competition has increased, some Market A exchanges have been reclassified as Market B.

That means their best deals are broadly available to just as many customers as those from other providers - including many who only recently may have thought they were still in Market A areas.

In June 2015 customers whose exchanges were considered Market A but have since been reclassified as more competitive began to receive refunds to cover the difference in what they had been paying, and the more competitive price.

People whose exchanges are still considered to be market A - the most rural with the least competition - might want to consider John Lewis (see our full review here) who resell Plusnet but don't apply geographical pricing.

So, yes, Plusnet are still one of the cheapest ISPs out there - but they're no longer always the cheapest.

So what else have they got to offer?

Youview TV on Plusnet

Youview TV reviews
Best for Youview: BT vs TalkTalk
BT TV: review
TalkTalk any good: here

Trials had been running for some years, but finally there's another ISP offering Youview TV beyond BT and TalkTalk.

Since May 2015, Plusnet's fibre customers have been able to sign up for Youview TV from Plusnet; as it's only available to fibre customers, there's a minimum 18 month contract.

It starts at just £5 a month, regardless of whether customers opt for the basic Youview box or the Youview+ box.

The basic box is small and neat, and allows users to pause or rewind live TV for up to 30 minutes.

Youview+ is a larger box - to accommodate the 500GB hard drive that can store about 125 hours of HD content, or 300 hours of SD TV.

Both boxes are free to subscribers, although the better box comes with a £50 activation fee.

Whichever box subscribers pick, they get more than 70 Freeview TV and radio channels - and 16 "premium" entertainment channels as standard:

Animal Planet* British Eurosport 1* British Eurosport 2* BT Sport 1*
Comedy Central Crime and Investigation* Discovery Channel* Discovery: Investigation
E! Fox* History Channel* MTV*
Sony SyFy* TLC Universal

*channels available in HD for £3 a month; see below.

Note the inclusion of BT Sport 1 - otherwise known as BT Sport Lite - in that list. Users can upgrade to the full BT Sport pack, including BT Sport Europe, for an extra £5 a month.

Customers can choose to add a couple of other channel bundles to their package, for £3 a month each.

There's the Kids TV bundle, including three channels each from Disney and Nickelodeon, plus Cartoon Network, Boomerang and Cartoonito.

Or there's the HD pack, which offers HD versions of the starred channels in the Entertainment pack above. Anyone who has the full BT Sport pack will also get all those channels in HD as well.

As with other Youview providers, the channels' own catch-up services are included - that's BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4oD, and Demand 5, as well as Milkshake!, UKTV (for Dave, Really and Yesterday), Quest, and where applicable, STV Player and S4C.

While it took BT and TalkTalk a while to be able to offer Netflix, it's already available through Plusnet's boxes. Existing subscribers can simply log in; those thinking about it can sign up through their TVs.

On top of all that Plusnet also offers access to Now TV and the Sky Store, with prices depending on what services users want to use.

Customer service superheroes

Plusnet's reputation for customer service has, for a long time, beaten that of most of the larger providers.

They've made it their focus by providing:

The provider's own polls obviously show high levels of customer satisfaction, but independent surveys also rate them highly, especially compared to the other big providers - and they rank in our top five for customer service.

However, as the provider has grown larger we've, perhaps inevitably, heard more complaints regarding the quality of the support on offer.

In early 2014, we reported that Plusnet customers had been experiencing long waiting times to get through to customer services. Plusnet told us that's been resolved by opening a second call centre.

For the time being, however, while Plusnet's reputation for service is still pretty good "heroes" might be pushing it.

Although Plusnet prices and their broadband - see below - make them a good provider in many ways, there are better providers out there for service.

The nitty gritty: broadband

Finally, let's get into the details: broadband speeds, usage limits and contracts.

Plusnet speeds

Plusnet's standard deals are now advertised as up to 17Mb. According to figures released by Ofcom in February 2015, the ISP's actual averages are:

24-hour average Peak (8-10pm weekdays)
Up to 17Mb 9.3Mb to 12.1Mb 9.2Mb to 12.0Mb

For a while in 2013 they were the UK's fastest provider for up to 16Mb, and after slowing down in 2014, have regained their fastest ADSL2+ title - beating even BT into second place; their average speeds were 8.9Mb to 11.8Mb.

But according to our own, highly scientific tests (read: in one house), Plusnet's higher speeds come at the cost of increased variability; TalkTalk may be slower, but their speed is more consistent. See how they compare with each other more deeply here.

Plusnet fibre broadband is now taken by enough people to be counted separately in Ofcom's figures. In Ofcom's last survey, they measure up like this:

24-hour average Peak (8-10pm weekdays)
Up to 38Mb 30.1Mb to 34.2Mb 30.0Mb to 34.1Mb
Up to 76Mb 61.3Mb to 64.0Mb 57.1Mb to 59.7Mb

On top of that, the regulator says Plusnet's 76Mb fibre is the fastest for uploads, offering an average speed of 17.1Mb.

They were somewhat unusual in offering similarly fast uploads to their 38Mb customers too, but since June 2015 new 38Mb customers have had to make do with uploads of up to just 2Mb.

Despite that, Plusnet still rank as one of our top four for fibre broadband in the UK.

More on traffic management

Plusnet are unusual in that they take considerable effort to explain their traffic management system, so it's worth mentioning here.

All traffic management aims to keep speeds up by prioritising the activities that we need to keep running quickly and smoothly as we go about our day-to-day online business - like browsing the web, for example - and slowing others, like downloading files.

There's also a limiting system which restricts certain activities - such as P2P file sharing and streaming - at peak times.

All in all, these restrictions are likely to result in generally more consistent speeds. Traffic is managed in the following order of priority, ranging from what Plusnet refer to as Titanium for the top spot, to Bronze for the lowest:

While it's not immediately obvious to casual browsers of the Plusnet site, their Pro add on still exists, at a cost of £5 a month.

For that, customers are promised lower latency and ping times. Their online usage is all given Gold or Titanium priority - and VPN, FTP and "other" services (which could include applications not using a standard port number) are bumped up to Titanium priority.

This is worth knowing about especially for those looking at fibre: often when we say we want fast broadband, actually we want something more like broadband that doesn't stall.

And that's what Plusnet are going out of their way to try to offer here.

All unlimited

Plusnet users used to pay based on monthly usage but, since June 2014, all their new deals have come with unlimited data. Considering they only started to offer unlimited packages in 2012, that's a quick turnaround.

Flexible contracts

They're also one of the few providers to offer a no contract option, with a minimum term of 30 days on their standard broadband (e.g. not fibre), at £14.99 a month plus setup fees.

Take broadband and home phone without a contract and there's a setup fee of £25; take broadband without home phone off-contract and that fee will rise to £50.

While contracts at least a year long are standard practice in the broadband world, Plusnet's opt out does mean that customers can leave at any time with 30 days notice and no penalties.

This might be useful, for example, for student house shares. We've looked at these savings, as well as other short term packages, in our student broadband guide here.

All in all: the best Plusnet deal

All in all, Plusnet broadband deals have a number of unique features - from unlimited downloads to a unique traffic management policy - which have seen them slowly garner customers over the years and keep them, even in spite of some rough months in terms of service.

They also remain one of the UK's cheaper ISPs.

Don't forget to keep an eye out for Plusnet's special offers, which are frequently changed.


21 May 2016

Used to be good.. When it was a single company. It's employes are ok... but they are helpless to get Openreach to do anything.

Even the Plusnet employee thinks he is part of Openreach.

So now Plusnet just does what Openreach tells it. And I'm sure that I don't have to explain what Openreach' s reputation is.

In our village, one person has had 8 Openreach engineers... problem not solved. Several have had 4. We were sled to have a second... then he didnt turn up.

It's not Plusnet's fault but if they don't get Openreach to give them what they are paying for, most people will be off to, BT Infinity... but maybe that's BT's plan.

29 March 2016
Simon Hepworth

I Would not recommend Plusnet.
From the point of view of the broadband they are fine, it is solid and fast. Pray that nothing goes wrong though, or you are in for a world of faffing around with them.
Migrated to their fibre in October all went well, change over was smooth. In february my service got restricted for not paying the bill. Funny, I thought the money is there, and the DD is active. Turns out they have a problem at their end and haven't taken the money, but the rep says she can take it over the phone. A week later service restricted again. Phone up, they have no record of the payment. I argue with the rep, who calls me a liar on the phone, and hangs up on me. Phone back get someone else who tells us to send in a bank statement so they can verify what we say (It is now the end of March and that is still ongoing) March comes around and they do it again, not taking the money that is there waiting for them. BUT, there are charges for paying the last bill over the phone, AND for taking the restriction away. Considering the normal bill is roughly £23.00 and the extra charges are roughly £7.00 that's a sizeable percentage they are laying on top.
These are for things THEY did, not me.
And they are insisting I pay those charges.
Billing won't take calls from customers, or be transferred from reps, so the people who know about this side of things won't help, and the reps are useless because they aren't in billing, and can't resolve the problem.
Go to them if you're feeling lucky, but if you start to have problems, pray for a miracle. Because Plusnet seem to not be in the business of helping their customers

22 February 2016

Used to be good but now... have slowly become the Ryanair of broadband providers.

19 February 2016


14 January 2016

Been with Plusnet 5 years and have no complaints what so ever never let me down I am about to take the fibre and tv package will save me £18 a month coming off sky basic package. Will keep you posted.

13 January 2016
Paul Anderson

Plusnet plural??

8 January 2016

I am sorry I ever joined Plusnet - I was informed I would receive a broadband speed at least as good as my previous provider Talk Talk, I also received a written estimate of the speed - when I switched my speed has dropped 25%, is less than what I was quoted both verbal and in writing.
Spent many hours waiting to be connected to tech call centre etc -waited days while the 'checked the line and altered settings' all to no avail. What do I want - only to receive the speed I had before or to be released without charge from my 12 month contact. Plusnet can/will not do either.
Do not use this company who prides itself on customer service. Do sign up to this company.

7 January 2016
Johnny Aitken

Plusnet have let me down it's been 18 days without a phone service since I joined from Sky, their excuse is that sky haven't given them the number over yet. Surely all they need to do is change the number instead?

14 December 2015
Chris Jazz

Signed up to BT Basic, going for the Plusnet Unlimited 17Mb £12.49 broadband deal. Please could someone confirm that there will be no extra charges from BT or Plusnet using these two options, seems too good to be true.

14 December 2015

Been with Plusnet for more than 15 years very pleased with the service apart from the price l have been charged which is the fault of BT taking advantage in rural areas. Now going over to super fast fibre. Had the regular fibre for a couple of years at another address which was excellent.

12 December 2015

I've been on Plusnet fibre giving me a constant speed of 65Mb or above for 18 months now.
With the modem alongside a router set up, who honestly gives a hoot how it looks, they ain't ornaments.
One PlayStation, one Xbox, both in constant use with me streaming live sports or a film with a fire stick most evenings,
(The odd bit of buffering admittedly)
And I don't have any complaints.
Regards Westkent

9 December 2015

PlusNet are very good. Had no major problems. Some posters are being OTT and probably not genuine anyway. There are always small issues with phone number transfers, router delivery etc. I had terrible problems 3 years ago with BT moving house. Got sorted in the end. Been with PlusNet for Fibre and Phone for over a year. Have TV through Sky, but going to move that to PlusNet YouView when Sky contract runs out in two months. Only thing with PlusNet, is the router is not very good. I bought my own (BT Home Hub 5).

3 December 2015

I came from Origin Broadband which was Digital Region and sadly it came to an end 14th August 2014. That means I lost Fibre Optic in my area I had a speed of 2Mb lucky to get 3Mb sometimes but not all the time, terrible speed.

I then decided to give Plusnet a try, as I couldn't get any success with any other ISP's it kept cancelling my migration to their service e.g Sky. Luckily Plusnet gave me a new phone number line FREE! I got online within a week, I have had very little issues but they have always fixed them for me.

I am a lot happier now, we now have Fibre Optic in the area, which happened last month, I went on the cheaper package but the upload was very slow as they had slowed it down for that package, I have now moved to the fibre Optic extra package 6 months FREE after 6 months my cost will be £19.99 BB and £16.99 phone. I am getting around 73.50Mb when I do a speed test and my upload is around 18.40Mb. Fantastic service, I'm now on my second year with Plusnet and I don't regret it. I say to anyone thinking of joining them, go with your own instinct that's what I did. Oh and before you ask "NO I don't work for Plusnet" :)

23 November 2015

Plusnet are incompetent beyond belief.

Their customer service call waiting times are NEVER less than 20 minutes; I know from calling many times during the 6 weeks I was waiting for Fibre Extra to be installed.

I ended up taking 4 days off work to let in the engineers that Plusnet periodically dispatched to connect my internet - internet that never materialised, even after a month and a half.

I had no more annual leave left to be at the mercy of the Plusnet despots, so I cancelled my internet contract. In proper Plusnet fashion, I was put on hold for 20 minutes while waiting for that to be completed too.

If you are a chump with time and money to burn on having NO internet, Plusnet really will do you proud.

19 November 2015

They are completely useless. Worst customer service ever, completely unreliable.

We moved house and decided to stay with Plusnet to make things easier and as the internet was ok. We contacted them and arranged the installation for the earliest possible date which would be a week after the move. The day of installation came and we were waiting home and nobody came. We contacted them again and after being on hold for at least an hour we were told that we can not get fibre broadband only standard and they cancelled the installation without even telling us. How could they not know that when we arranged the installation? Needless to say we took time off work for no reason, and now we have to wait for longer till we get another company.

Really bad service, I would not recommend them.

10 November 2015

Plusnet set our connection up incorrectly and sent our router late. It took 4 weeks to get connected. You have to wait over 45mins on the phone to speak with them. The internet speed is shockingly slow, I bought 14Mbps and have been running speed tests every day with an average of 4Mbps. Cannot watch streamed video. Connection drops out intermittently at peak times. They blame BT for everything but the issue is congestion on their own network. They are the cheapest, the slowest and the worst.

6 November 2015

Despite having to pay a hefty sum to get out of my contract, I recently left Plusnet due to their appalling internet supply and lack of customer service.

I could go on for hours, but briefly: the internet would drop out almost daily (which doesn't happen now that I've switched providers), sometimes for hours and despite them 'looking into it'; their online troubleshooter more often than not displayed an error message; they got my address wrong multiple times; it took an average wait of 3 weeks for an answer if you asked a question via the online customer portal; my online account details did not list a contract end date; they refused to take responsibility when called out on all these issues and didn't even offer an early termination discount in light of all the above.

As a final kick in the teeth, when I called up to pay the final bill I was told there was a 45 minute wait to be put through to a human being! I tried later in the day and it was 30 minutes and then 15, which is still terrible.

It's a massive relief to be rid of them and I strongly discourage anyone from using Plusnet!

29 October 2015
Nigel Newham

Have been long term copper cable customers of PlusNet and switched to fibre on the 37Mb package, including phone, six weeks ago. OpenReach failed to turn up on the agreed date but otherwise the installation was seamless and hassle free. We're delighted with it - no drop outs or other glitches at all. Are consistently getting 33Mb and never less than 30. I've seen 39Mb on the speed checker on several occasions. Best of all it's £6 less a month than we were paying at £10 a month (when you take the phone line from PlusNet) with free router and installation and a £50 cheque as well. Very easy to manage everything on their portal and any e-queries have been quickly responded to.

12 August 2015

Hi, I have been with Plusnet for over 4 years now and I have to give credit where credit is due I find the service excellent in Co, Antrim NI I was with TalkTalk and oh boy never was I so glad to leave. Just thought I would add my wee bit.

7 August 2015

My friend switched to PlusNet about 2 weeks ago after his internet stopped working, he was with TalkTalk, I think. The setup was quick and without any problems and his speeds are very good, even at peak times (fibre). Because of this, I am also switching, engineer expected to come in 2 weeks, I'll see how it goes. PlusNet is one of the few providers which offers fibre in my area, surprisingly. The fibre line is there but TalkTalk doesn't seem to realise that.

2 June 2015

To add some balance to Mark's experience below, I have been pleased with Plusnet's service on regular broadband for over a year. Uptime has been better than BT (don't know why - BT own them...) and the only time we had an outage, I was pleased to talk to a UK call centre where the lady on the phone was very knowledgeable about some pretty techy issues, and sorted the problem. This led me to bite the bullet and upgrade to Fibre broadband with them. Bear in mind that to upgrade to Fibre, you are at the mercy of the quality of the BT OpenReach engineer they send to flip your line over and convert your master socket. I was very pleased indeed with the skill of the guy they sent round to do our installation, who arrived promptly at the time and day we agreed. He was working for BT via Kelly services. Within an hour he had troubleshooted some cabling issues in the house, installed the BT fibre modem on the wall, and set up the new PlusNet router. He also did a speed test and showed me how the line speed was now over 10 times faster than before. So, that's my experience.

10 May 2015

I have been with Plusnet for around 4 years, initially on the monthly 10GB allowance package (was enough for me then) before upgrading to unlimited for 12.49/month (without the phone line). Generally speaking I think it is a good ISP overall. The download speed is fine and connection wise it does not really have problems - just the occasional hiccup which is excusable. I do wish to state that some of the problems were because of the free router supplied with it - utter garbage. I swapped it over with a BT Hub 3 and problems were solved. I also stream gaming sessions online from my PS4 and I have been told that the audio/visual quality is very good from my viewers with no lag. Customer service is decent and generally helpful as well apart from when I asked about Port-Forwarding. In summary, good value for money. 4/5 overall score.

21 March 2015
David Pearson

Switched to Plusnet from BT Infinity 2 and the only difference I have seen is a reduction in my monthly payment of £30 for first 6 months and £20 thereafter but with a £50 cashback - effectively giving me 11 months at £30 less than BT.
Speeds comfortably in the high 30s down and mid-teens up.
Switch was a couple of days early so I am one happy customer.

18 March 2015
The Threat is Real (UK)

I've been with Plusnet since 2011, they've been comfortably the best provider I've ever had. Was with Virgin before who started well, but descended into being completely disinterested in providing a service.

10 March 2015

I have been with Force9 (Plusnet) for 10 years and have had hardly any issues at all. On the few occasions I have phoned their helpline I have been dealt with efficiently and with courtesy. I think it is important to remember that BT owns the infrastructure so some line delays are caused by them. I know BT now owns Plusnet, but they are still run independently.

28 February 2015

My dealings with Plusnet have been very good. The staff have a high level of technical knowledge different to the god awful companies who's only aim is to sell their TV rubbish and with respect I include the ladies who again answered my questions with quickly and correctly. No one can be perfect but I am extremely satisfied with their prices and service.

20 February 2015
Stephen Meadowcroft

Plusnet are owned by BT... OpenReach are owned by BT... We all know that really we are talking about BT who have a stranglehold on broadband provision in the UK.

I have had a standard broadband connection with Plusnet for some time but in November 2014 Fibre connections began to become available in our area. I applied immediatley to upgrade to the Superfast Service. It is now 20th Feb 2015 and there has been no connection even though OpenReach Engineers have confirmed the line as 'good' from both my home and the Cabinet about 200 metres away. Plusnet keep putting the order in to OpenReach which keeps being rejected automatically.

I have been given every excuse under the sun but still the upgraded service is denied to me even though all my neighbors had it ages ago. All parties seem incapable of communicating either with each other or their customers which is why people seek redress through forums like this. The situation is a virtual monopoly and I have complained to CISAS, my MP, my local council (as commissioners) all to no avail. I wonder how many others are in my predicament? Changing ISP would cost me a lot of money and in any case what guarantee would I have that it would alter the situation?

6 February 2015

I was booked to join Plusnet on the 2nd Feb this year, from Sky, and I have had nothing but problems, no router, faulty cables, changed my phone number. BT engineer fitted modem as ordered, but Plusnet told me I will not have my phone line for 24/48 hours and broadband 2 weeks, but line already to use, but no router. Plusnet's web site did not display right and unable to get into parts to set up emails, etc etc, I have just phoned Sky, and may be going back to them, a devil you know is better than a devil you don't know. If the problems are not sorted over this weekend, good bye Plusnet.

6 February 2015

This has been the worst customer service experience in my life. We signed up for Plusnet on the 12th of January, they have told us every Friday since then that the internet would be connected. I am unable to even talk to anyone, it will take weeks for my partner to make me an authorised caller, just a trick to not provide any service. Now they are saying the 13th of February we will be good to go, although I am not holding my breath. I'm sure this is one of their many lies to appease us. Good luck if have chosen to do business with these incompetent liars.

27 January 2015

Poor customer service. Do not expect any 'customer first' attitude. Online chat can give 100% wrong information with impunity. Plusnet are not to be trusted.

7 February 2015

I agree.

23 January 2015

Plusnet is horrible. Every time you want to speak to them, you have to wait at least 30 minutes to get through. We have had 5 (!!) engineers coming to our house (5 days we had to take leave and lost money) and when the 5th one came he was in 5 mintues and did not understand why it was so difficult for the others.

We got some compensation but losing so much time, money and patience is hard to compensate. We waited 2 months on top of the month we already had to wait. My name (girlfriend's) is not on the account but is in the username and I could not change the address, fair enough but when I asked him (after 45min on hold) if he could call my boyfriend 'to confirm' he said that he could not do that. Horrible customer service, again. FInd another company, maybe one that is more expensive because the frustration is really not worth the difference.

21 January 2015

Speed was always poor and connection erratic. Changed to EE and speed was immediately excellent and connection continuous on same landline etc. Despite excuses and prevarication for over a month, Plusnet now want to penalise me by charging over £50 for cancellation which they intend to take from my credit card without my permission. Be very careful if you deal with this organisation!

11 January 2015

Afer 12 years of being a Plusnet customer I decided to transfer to a cable ISP to be able to get their TV service. I thought that this would be a simple matter but how wrong I was!!

I telephoned Plusnet cancellation department on the 20th November. I spoke with Sarah, cancelled my account and paid all outstanding bills in full by debit card. Sarah confirmed that my account was closed and that there would be no further contact from Plusnet. A day or so later I cancelled my Direct Debit at my bank.

Sarah's comment was far from correct. Within a few days I received notification from Plusnet that they were to take my monthly payment by Direct Debit. I posted a comment in the Support area of the Plusnet website and in a telephone call was told that the matter would be corrected.

Wrong !! I then received a barrage of texts and emails complaining that they hadn't received my monthly payment. Each time, I posted on the Support pages and telephoned, pointing out that my account was cancelled and I owed no money. Obviously, no one at Plusnet read these comments or took any action to deal with what was happening.

The final straw was when I received a further email threatening me with the news that Plusnet would involve a Debt Collection Agency if my bill was not paid immediately.

So, I telephoned Plusnet again and after hanging on the phone for 32 minutes my call was eventually answered and I was put though to Sam in 'cancellations'. Sam was totally laid back about the situation; describing it as 'a bit of confusion in Plusnet'. He also totally dismissed my suggestion that Plusnet should pay me any compensation in recompense for all the trouble I had had.

He agreed that he would confirm in an email that my account was closed, that no money was outstanding and that there would be no further contact from Plusnet. Not surprisingly, I have not received an email which includes these points.

So, there's my tale of my service experience from Plusnet - as far as I am concerned, I am very pleased to have discontinued my custom of a business that treats its customers in such a shabby way.

2 January 2015

I recently joined Plusnet and the service has been brilliant, their call centre staff are always friendly and polite and explain everything clearly. Being of the older generation I tend to struggle with technology on occasions, however when I have struggled, be it navigating the website or general account queries they have always helped me in the best way.

23 December 2014

We chose Plusnet when moving to our new flat - what a mistake. So far I have found that they haven't kept to a single one of their own (rather generous!) deadlines, constantly blame their suppliers, and have shocking customer service. It is true that you don't get transferred to an Indian call centre where people read from scripts, but from what I've seen this has absolutely no benefit - they have no technical understanding of what is going on and no intention of keeping to any of their promises! A huge huge inconvenience. I really would advise paying a little more and going with another supplier.

10 December 2014

Plusnet are awful. They mis sold us a phone package and we were charged twice the price of the package we actually signed up for!! After complaint after complaint where we were given no help we gave up and moved companies. I wish we had listened to other reviews and not gone with this company. They refused to give us a refund even though they were clearly in the wrong. Our advice is Avoid avoid avoid!!!

8 December 2014

I've been with Plusnet for two years. They have been excellent throughout. Kept me up to date with texts when I moved to them, have answered any questions I have had swiftly, and text me monthly with my bill. Can't ask more.

2 December 2014

Plusnet believe that they can use words like 'Unlimited' and 'Anytime' in their marketing and then apply special terms and conditions to these words which - if you're not aware and not careful - lead to unexpected charges.

1 December 2014
MJD Pier.

Poor provider. We can be hours without internet connection and we live in the centre of a town. Crackling telephone line making conversations difficult to hear. Plusnet recognise there's a problem with our line as their records show broadband dropping frequently. Have replaced router, filter and leads as they suggested but absolutely no difference has been made. The line is at fault but Plusnet are expert in making the customer feel at fault by emphasising the cost if an engineer comes out. Pity we signed a two year contract back in the spring!

30 November 2014

Seriously Plusnet are rubbish, so were TalkTalk, this whole industry seems to be a disaster. Send smoke signals I reckon.

20 November 2014
Canuck Fan

I've literally just migrated across to Plusnet from TalkTalk, I started the process several weeks ago and despite having to wait up to 15 minutes on the phone to get through to their customer service, the migration has been flawless. I was with TalkTalk for 7 years and they gradually increased my monthly charge just for broadband and phone from £16 to £24 per month, they sent me a view box which I didn't ask for and was told would be free, then they put their charges up. I also wasn't happy speaking to somebody in India who I couldn't understand, so I decided it was time to switch, so far so good. Don't be alarmed with the 15 minute wait to get through to customer service as this was no longer than I waited to get through to Talk Talk.

28 October 2014

We have been without a landline for a month, difficult to contact them, long delays, e-mail response to queries ... your question is "on hold" no response to real questions, no common courtesy or apology. I don't know how they manage this apparently good customer relations!

26 October 2014

Plusnet are by far the best provider I have had they sorted all the problems before I knew there were any. Have just bought a new Smart TV that we could not get to connect to the Internet. Emma from Plusnet was fantastic talked us through it and got us online. Thanks to all at Plusnet.

22 October 2014

Fantastic service and broadband transferred over a day earlier than they initially promised.. bonus! And to top it off it works out £35 cheaper per month than our old BT Infinity. What more could you ask for. Very happy.

10 October 2014

Plusnet is rubbish since I joined them this August. From day one there has been problems with the fibre broadband. After two weeks of no Internet they finally sent an engineer who found out that wrong connections were made in the box outside.
Now the problem has started again. The whole system is rubbish.

4 February 2015

But it's BT Openreach that are responsible for the cabling - you cannot blame Plusnet for this...

18 August 2014

I changed to Plusnet four months ago and have found their service very good. Unlimited broadband with phone, initially the speed was around 4Mb however they resolved the problem quickly and the speed (download) is now 15Mb. No problems with Plusnet, would recommend them.

7 August 2014

My experiences with Plusnet have been the exact opposite of the previous poster's. I migrated from BT fibre over to Plusnet fibre a few days ago and the changeover was flawless. What impresses me most about Plusnet is their call center staff. Every time I've spoken with them they have been absolutely great, you won't find them reading from scripts, they get things done and are really friendly. That to me is worth it's weight in gold and something that BT needs to understand. UK customers do not like using overseas call centers.

21 May 2016

Haha.. You haven't had the human recorded message employee saying 'You'll have to have an engineer out'... the fault is BT's all the Openreach engineers say it's too mean to repair the lines.

So Plusnet can't do anything, Openreach engineers can't do anything and BT won't pay to modernise... unless you are their customer.

What's the betting Plusnet employees will be absorbed into BT (it's owned by BT now) and Plusnet will go?

29 April 2015
Robert Bishop

I've just had dealings with Plusnet and they were really helpful, polite and seem like they genuinely know what they are talking about! My wifi seemed very intermittent and they ran checks over a period of a week, to see if there was a problem outside the house. There wasn't, so they have suggested things I could do to minimise the slowness of the wifi. Without going into too much detail, there seems to be a fair improvement in performance. We do not have fibre in our region, yet, but when we do, I will have no hesitation but to stay with them when I move over. They're cheap, have great support within the UK and reliable. They are owned by BT, but seem to have quite different priorities.

24 February 2015

You do know BT own Plusnet?

11 December 2014

Just had a call from Plusnet, (I had been surfing around after a BT 8 day line fault) so I quite agree re the Indian call centres, and just getting the old Delhi run around.
Plusnet lady was polite, just told me what they had to offer and suggested that she would call me back nearer my BT contract ending if I wanted, so not pushy, and about £20 less than BT.

5 August 2014

Be wary when joining if you ever plan to switch away. I was with Plusnet for many years, decided to switch away, then got 5 emails and a text demanding money after the switch date when I was no longer a customer! Plusnet said they weren't notified of the switch (even though it's automated), so I had to pay for 2 weeks after the switch date and then another 2 weeks after that to cover "notice" which they already should have had from the automated switch-over, then pay £30 fee because the new provider "wasn't on their network". None of this is clear or fair, but it's all buried in the T&Cs so you're stuffed. All that money and years of being a Plusnet customer and then they get you for a few pounds if you try and leave. I've put in a complaint and another to Ofcom. Shameful.

4 January 2016

Men in suits are what is wrong with the world. They'll shaft you and yours any which way they can.

20 April 2015

Lack of knowledge on your part, but you can't see that so blame anyone but yourself and no I don't work for Plusnet. What do you expect switching without even bothering to let them know, of course they are going to bill you.

17 February 2015
Andrew Peake

My father is in the same boat with them. Please tell me if your complaint with Ofcom got anywhere?

2 June 2014

Since I changed to Plusnet Fibre I have been very pleased with the service.

30 April 2014

Whilst some people seem to have only negative things to say about Plusnet, my experience has only been exemplary. I have been with them since 2004 and have had several different price plans including a price match when I asked them to match what Sky was offering at that particular time. Once I had a slow connection, I phoned them and quite literally they had the newest router to me with new telephone 'thingies' within 36 hours and phoned me to see if I was happy, now that is service!
I have now just ordered fibre optic from them, and I have an engineer coming within the week, I received the new router 5 days after ringing no hassle.
They answer the phone quickly, which you know is in the UK, and are polite and helpful.

18 March 2014

Plusnet home move is extortion. Wish I'd never heard of them!

Unfortunately moving home with Plusnet is a cost option as you are threatened with losing all discounts.

The alternative is to pay extra per month and extend your contract for 24 months.

" Thank you for your call today.
As discussed, if you wish to cancel your account we will require 2 weeks notice and the cancellation fees are applicable.
Alternatively there are 3 options available to you:
12 month contract: We will move the service free of charge but you will lose your discounts
18 month contract: Same as above
24 month contract: We will move the service free of charge and the monthly cost of Unlimited will be £5.99 per month.

Kind regards, "

9 March 2014

I have been with Plusnet for approx 2 years, I have had 1 or 2 minor problems but these have been sorted out in no time at all.

Anytime I have spoken to customer services they have been incredibly polite and knowledgeable, I could not rate them highly enough.

I pay for their 'up to 16Mb' service and receive approx 19.5Mbps downloads.

By comparison, I had my phone and broadband supplied by Sky for 2 years, I was plagued with problems and their Customer Services were awful.

I was paying for their up to 8Mb service and received, on average, 0.5Mbps and 0.75Mbps.

27 January 2014

I love this review, and am thinking of jumping the good ship BT, but the comments below pretty much scare the life outta me!

18 July 2014

Dont jump, BT own Plusnet!

23 January 2014

I am sorry I chose Plusnet. Very dependant on BT who failed to come once and then came in the morning for an afternoon appointment. No comeback for me having to take three mornings/afternoons off work. Be very warned.

21 May 2016

Same here.

31 May 2014

Of course they are dependent on "BT" just like every other ISP because "BT" supply the wires!

17 January 2014

Hi People, you need to put them in to context with the other suppliers, are any of the suppliers perfect -- No! I've used Plusnet for my home since 2005 until 2009 where I switched to O2 and then this time last year, March 2012, switched back to Plusnet then in May had issues which they got BT to resolve within 2 weeks. I had internet issues in my last house and again they sorted fairly quickly paying for the expense of a BT engineer to fix, hence why I return to them I know their support is good. My father has a business and he has three suppliers, EE, Orange and Virgin Media, and I find their customer service is sub standard compared to Plusnet. By the way I've also used BT again I found their service sub-standard compared to Plusnet, even though they bought them out. I can talk technical which you will find helps enormously when dealing with broadband providers as you can get straight to the issue so out of the six providers when you tell them straight the problem both O2 and Plusnet will get the problem resolved. Of course O2 broadband is now defunct. Other suppliers you have to cover the same ground over and over again to get the issue resolved. I strongly recommend Plusnet as one of the better suppliers out there as none of them are perfect.

8 January 2014

Promised fibre waited in all day for an engineer not to show, to then be told as they didn't place the order on time with openreach I missed out, even though my neighbours who placed their order 3 days after with a different company got it fine.

2 January 2014

I had really good reviews from friends who were with Plusnet. We were moving and I specifically asked when I signed up how fast they were with their house move service. I mistakenly signed up and finally moved in December. I contacted them 2 weeks before the move to be told they would carry out the phone connection first and the broadband would follow in 5 working days. The phone connection took 3 days (something to do with having to wait for a stop notice to expire) the broadband finally got (sort of) sorted today - 2 January. Like Barrie Nott below, I have become annoyed waiting and phoned to cancel. They swung the lead to extend answering my request until the 14 day cooling off period had expired on the new contract and the annual bulk line rental payment I also took out. Now they say I have no alternative but to lose my payment and pay extra for the contract to be terminated early. I only found out they were owned by BT during this. I left BT due to their incompetence long ago. Looks like I now have another 2 years of this to go. Happy New Year everyone.

2 January 2014

We were in the process of changing to Plusnet, but the internet indicated £9.50 pm. for our postcode, rather than the £2.50 introductory offer. When we checked with them on the phone, we were told that it was FROM £2.50 pm and that did not apply. When we added the various extras, it was so close to the BT contract, that it wasn't worth changing. We have had good service from BT, although Yorkshire accents may have been easier to understand than their Indian ones, so in view of the comments on Plusnet's service, perhaps we had better stick with BT.

11 October 2013
J1 Phantom

I'm moving out soon and thinking of going for their Fibre Unlimited. What with all the gaming and streaming that I do it seems like the best option for me.

24 September 2013

I made the dreadful mistake of choosing Plusnet to supply us - they have been absolutely useless beyond belief. Our phone and broadband was booked in for 1st August and we currently have neither working and don't even have an engineer coming for another 4 days... that's over 8 weeks since the installation date!! Can you imagine 8 weeks without phone or internet?! Every time you phone them (because they never phone you) it's excuses and never so much as an apology for the massive inconvenience caused. They really have perfected the "couldn't care less" attitude. The last attempt to book an engineer resulted in me wasting 5 hours of my weekend sat waiting for an engineer who didn't turn up - it turned out Plusnet hadn't actually booked the appointment properly despite 2 phone calls and an email to confirm it was booked. They then emailed to say they would "be in touch as soon as they can" - I heard nothing again for 3 days and have had to phone to chase them again. Their service is non-existent and I can honestly say they are the worst company I have ever EVER had to deal with. I cannot recommend strongly enough they you do not touch these people with a barge pole. Not even someone else's barge pole.

12 February 2015
Plusnet victim

Have to agree, they seem to have a back office manned by monkeys. They have no regard for their customers. They accused me of lying to them - I finally got them to listen to the recorded calls, proving me right. It took 3 weeks + to get my phone and broadband working and my upgrade to fibre has left me with a slower broadband speed than before.
Grade A idiots.

30 November 2014

PS TalkTalk were no better!

1 October 2014

I have exactly the same situation with EE. I ordered broadband at the beginning of August, got a lot of promises. Called me a liar, promised engineer visit but did not turn up and still no service.

28 May 2014
Kitchen Foyle

One thing to bear in mind here, as with all reviews, is that Mark may well be a genuine poster with genuine, first hand experience of bad service from Plusnet. However, there are many cases of bogus posts placed by representatives of competing providers which can have a huge effect on decisions taken by potential client.

That being the case, as someone who, like many here, is looking to change my present provider to one that is, hopefully, better and who has no axe to grind (and yes, by all means, take or leave that, claim, too) all I suggest is that the best way to approach reviews is to ascertain the consensus of all the reviews given, as it is highly unlikely competitors with a vested interest in discouragement will be responsible for more than a handful of opinions given.

Even then, changing providers will always involve a leap of faith, as no provider is going to get it right all the time and you, or I, could just be one of the unlucky ones, even with the best of them.

28 December 2013

Omg Thanks mate I am currently with EE - but was going to join Plusnet, now I have second thoughts - I'd rather pay more and get a better service.

21 September 2013
Alan Thorburn

BT gives me BT Sport 1 & 2, FREE !

24 November 2014

Plusnet gave me free BT Sport 1 & 2 and ESPN with HD, but only after the suggestion of migration to BT. Great customer service from the BT owned company. Unlimited Fibre far too dear but a necessity these days for film download and gaming!

16 June 2013
Andy Swain

I've been with Force9, which is now Plusnet, since the modem age of 240bps, which is nearly 14 years now. To date I've not had a problem, well if I had would I still be here after this length of time? There was a small hiccup when they moved to the BT backbone but every problem that has ever arisen has always been sorted. I must admit the support does seem to have lost its personal touch from the days of Force9. I can remember the middle of the night I had a problem and the guy stopped on the phone for well over 30 minutes until we got it sorted. So all I can give them is praise. I admit I'm still on a very old package, I bet its possibly 4-5 years old as the off peak runs from 12midnight to 4pm the following afternoon, which is the only reason I have not switched to fibre optic as yet. And the fact that I've been with them so long I get a fair discount on my broadband package. So yes Plusnet has been kind and has a great history as far as I am concerned, and would recommend them to anyone. Andy.

5 April 2013

The wireless is terrible and I only get 0.245Mb pathetic. I have had 2 routers, was told by one of the engineers that the person that sent these should have known that was not the problem. Wonder if they actually read the history and look at what I have already done half a dozen times. Unplug, fit new filter, try ethernet cable, changing channels etc. give it a break and do your job. Have now had an Openreach engineer apparently fix a fault on the line. The support team also say, it could take up to 10 days for the broadband to stabilise. Pity they did not have the manners to contact me. Amazing how the money keeps coming out the bank, but no service in return. Please do not be fooled by their cheap prices.

3 March 2013

Still waiting, considering cancelling. I started trying to buy broadband from Plusnet in December 2012 it is now March 2013 and I'm considering whether I ought to bother booking another half day from work for a second attempt at line fitting or cancel.

To be fair the line connection errors have been Openreach so Plusnet haven't had a chance to mess up their provision yet but having read what others have to say I am now apprehensive.

Also after signing up they cancelled and remade my order when I rang to investigate/complain I became aware that even though I'd called the same number as before I was being presented with a different menu and much longer wait time. I hung up, went in to settings on my phone and withheld my number and called back... I got the original menu also answered in less than a minute. That's right, once they have your money they save your number and divert you to a lower priority service that regularly interrupts the music (usually Reverend & The Makers - Heavyweight Champion Of The World) to tell you in a friendly northern accent how much they "value your custom" and how "sorry they are to keep you waiting"... freeing up more of their staff to sign up more people and create a bigger backlog of unhappy customers for their poor complaints staff to deal with.

I have found all staff to be very friendly and helpful but they seem to be the interface for a woefully lacking system. They have offered me a 50% refund on line installation but they are simply passing that on from Openreach.

1 February 2012

I've been with Plusnet for around 6 months on DSL, and have recently decided to upgrade to fibre with them. So far the line, service and support from them has been excellent. Reading some of the other comments here it's obvious that they aren't providing a perfect service for everyone. But just from personal experience I'd highly recommend them.

24 January 2015

I agree, I have been with Plusnet for well over 9 years and found their customer service second to none. I will in the very near future upgrade to fibre with no hesitation. My daughter is also a Plusnet customer. She has had problems, but Plusnet are doing everything they can to sort them. I am confident they will sort her problem out. If people don`t want to go with Plusnet fine, their choice. And i am a genuine Plusnet customer.

23 January 2012

I've been with Plusnet for nine months now, they charge you for calls you don't make and the speed varies throughout the evenings. Uploading is a joke!

BT all the way, I shouldn't of ever changed, can't wait till my twelve months are over.

28 November 2011
Barrie Nott

I gave Plusnet 2 weeks notice regarding moving house, requesting they transfer their service to my new house. The phone worked on the right day, but no broadband as they had not put the order in to their supplier. There would be a delay of 7-10 days. The supplier's website was down so there was another delay over a weekend. The order has now been put in - another delay of 7-10 days. An hour ago the telephone went dead. Draw your own conclusions.

24 November 2011

I had Plusnet for 2 years before moving in Dec 2010 due to the end of a tenancy. Plusnet agreed to move the service to my new property for free but said they would charge if I moved again.

I had no option but to agree as I was moving to a property for 6 months to do up and sell. When I sold the property and moved again Plusnet charged me the £65 moving fee and cessation. With these costs included they are not cheap.

24 November 2014

Seems fair to me that you are charged if you keep moving.

2 November 2011

I joined Plusnet (Metronet) in 2005. For six and a half years, I have been mostly happy with the Yorkshire guys on service and friendly/efficient support.

But two problems - VoIP (Skype) up to 2 seconds transmission delay a few years ago - I blamed this on their BT ownership and told Skype this many times. Eventually Skype sorted this problem with Plusnet and my Skype calls are now mostly OK.

My current problem is still not sorted out though. After Plusnet 'reminded' me about their Pro service for £5 per month extra, news videos (eg. and websites with high image content (eg suddenly became impossible to enjoy. Videos keep pausing because the streaming is too slow and website pages with several images can take a couple of minutes to refresh. I am finally looking for a new ISP that will provide me with acceptable bandwidth, even if the monthly charge is higher than Plusnet's £6.49p.

28 December 2013

EE is fab - I pay £2.50 unlimited - can watch 1080p movies and play games without any issue.

19 October 2011

I'm with Plusnet and my home landline has a credit limit of £55 (don't know why, I didn't ask for this) but when I reach this my outgoing calls are cut off and I am forced to pay a minimum of £9 to be reconnected only to then be asked to put credit on for the rest of the month in order to use my phone (like a mobile). This would be ok but this money does not come off my existing bill so, in essence, I am paying for those calls twice and all because they have imposed a credit limit on my calls monthly.

29 July 2011
Jason Clark

Plusnet's service started out alright but then on evenings it got slower and slower to the point of freezing, then dropping our connection all the time. They blame BT's local exchange and keep giving us updates but nothing has changed. The Isle of Dogs area hasn't sprung up overnight and stretched their capacity but they just don't care and there's no compensation.

14 July 2011
Lorna Clark

I can honestly say their service is pretty good but please do not get trapped into a business contract with them. They keep on changing the dates you can leave and every time you get to the date they said you can cancel your contract, they move the goalpost. I am seriously thinking of just paying the £126 I owe them to make sure that they can't do it again. I really want out but can never seem to do it.

4 July 2011

If you read on their T&C page, there is a £30 'cessation fee'. A bit naughty if like me, you are interested in NOT having a 12 month contract to tie you down (especially in case the service is not good).

4 July 2011
Choose team

The £30 'cessation charge' (£25 if you signed up before 15th April 2010) is levied only if customers require a full line stop. In the vast majority of cases when you leave you'll request a MAC code to sign up with another provider in which case there's no cessation charge.

Like most broadband providers, Plusnet charge you for the remainder of your 12 months contract if you leave before those 12 months are up. After the first 12 months, Plusnet customers are put on a rolling 30-day contract.

Unlike most broadband providers, new Plusnet customers can choose the 30-day contract option on sign up but that means there'll be a £25 activation charge and no free router.

Hope this helps.

21 June 2011

I've had a really good experience with Plusnet so far. I've been with them for a year and have never had any problems, their customer service advisors are really friendly and efficient and I have absolutely no reason to complain! (The price really helps, too!)

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